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Five Strains to Spark Up this Winter

With the seasonal transition, it is time to start transitioning your preferred strains of cannabis.

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Mexico Set to Become the Largest Recreational Cannabis Market in the World

Recently, Mexico made headlines revolving around pro-cannabis legislation. This year, Mexico expects to pass the legislation.

How Hemp will Supercharge the Cannabis Industry

Companies provide a bevy of cannabis-related projects ranging from smoking cannabis to wearing cannabis. Industrial hemp is making a comeback, and consumers are here for it.

Vets are Using Cannabis to Treat PTSD. Is it Helping?

A recent study performed by cannabis researchers at Wayne State University (Detroit, MI.) observed how cannabis application influences the amygdala response of those dealing with anxiety related to trauma, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Democrats Likely to Pass Pot Bill?

The cannabis industry is growing while still being federally prohibited. Here's what the newly-named Senate Majority Leader had to say about ending cannabis prohibition.

Cannabis Concentrates & Extracts

There are still things many patients do not understand about cannabis, specifically cannabis concentrates and extracts. Let's take a look at a few, such as distillates, BHO extracts, and more.

The Many Forms of Cannabis

Cannabis Plus explores the differences between sativa, indica, & hybrid cannabis strains.

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